Alp du Zwift made me stop using Zwift

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

Must say…
After three years (sins last of march 2015) I have done no rodabike, just some mtb on the vacetion, but the release of Alp de Zwift made my Zwift.heart crack.

From one day to the next the wow of zwift was gone, before I was very pro-zwift. tried to get more members every wher, now days I don’t talk about it and if I get a question I say that it was good but now days you have to be a climber and a racer to like it, thre good years and now just nothing, one singel route on Watopia to ride, and one in London, rest is just climbs :frowning:

I realy hope that a big expansion of flat roads like Vulcano flat will come sone, and that the plat parts stick togheter with multiple rads to choose from without any climb between them,

If not… well the I don’t see that my money will go to Zwift in the winter :frowning:
Now I ride irl, i don’t like that so much but I can’t do Zwift, Its to boring doing the same damn lap al the time :frowning:

Hope that yhou get som flat road or my guess is that you start loosing people that don’t like hills…

(Benjamin Bishop) #2

Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry you don’t like the climbing routes.

If you don’t like climbing, but would still like to ride on different routes. Have you considered selecting a different route and then selecting a workout that is just a freeride, such as one of the 45, 60 or 90 min riders choice workouts? This will allow you experience the route without having to climb.

(Mikael Jonsson) #3

I sitt still on a turbo trainer and going up the avatar goes slow, the feel of speed comes on the flat. so it’s not about lack of power to make the climbs…

(Tomas S) #4

Mikael,i can agree with you that it would be nice with a longer flat course,the focus seems to be on the mountains,personaly i like the djungel loop and road to ruins,not to steep and shorter climbs.

(Terry Braund (ZBR)) #5

Personnally, IRL I love to ride at tempo, same speed (for me about 15 mph), same effort for up to 45 minutes. The bike completely disappears and I feel at one with everything. It is like flying and very euphoric. This requires a flat course. A few rollers or false flats are fine. I have a wonderful bike trail near me that allows this - no cars. Can’t do this on Zwift without doing short laps. So yes I would love a longer flat course on Zwift also for when I can’t get out IRL. Will have to try the free ride workout. Climbing is okay and can be fun but not every ride. Not every ride has to be training. One thing I love about Zwift is when I ride IRL now I am more relaxed and enjoy the scenery, weather, wildlife, etc. Don’t feel like I need to be pushing it for training because I can do that on Zwift.

(Tim Dixon) #6

Personally I find endless flats horrendously dull. It’s the climbs that bring the Zwift/smart trainer combination to life.  Fortunately there’s an abundance of flat roads already to cater to those of that persuasion. In fact there’s a whole course (Richmond) for flat lovers!  

(Steve Copeland) #7

I love the climbs. Some of them are brutal. Flat rides are Ok but not much in the way of Training effect. 

(Neil Owens (A)) #8

Different users, different use cases. Loads of flat roads on zwift over the 3 courses and now a good few climbs. Seems like they are being pretty fair to me.

(Terry Braund (ZBR)) #9

Yes, different user and different cases! I guess it depends on one’s definition of “flat”. Climbing has become very difficult for me in my senior years but sometimes I do enjoy climbing. But, I love cycling. To me flat is being able to ride forty miles with grades less than about three percent and total climbing no more than 200 ft. Not easily possible on Zwift I think. So I don’t see plenty of flat roads on Zwift. Taking over two hours to get to the radio tower is not fun. But, that said, I love Zwift and am very happy using it as-is. It is wonderful training and I can ride “flat” roads IRL when I want. And there are great challenging courses on Zwift I really like.


(J. H. Edmund Lee) #10

You could also turn the trainer difficulty down to 0% to turn every road into a flat one.

(Andre Hufschmid) #11

That made you quit Zwift, just because it didn’t go your way. You know there are other people out there that love to climb, like me for example and Zwift did not have a long climb. Zwift has tons and tons of flat roads. Look at Richmond or London, all flat. Even Watopia has lots of flats. Zwift should be for everybody and not just for you.

 Since the Alpe du Zwift expansion i was able to strengthen my condition a lot and it absolutely helps me during bad days or in winter to keep those climbing legs going. A Comment like yours is simply just selfish, sorry to say that.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #12

I’m a bit puzzled how Zwift can be good one day but not the next just because of the addition of one climb. Why not just ignore the Alpe and continue doing what you were before?

Personally I’ve done the Alpe once as part of the Tour of Watopia and that was enough for me. But so long as there continues to be flatter roads being added as well as longer climbs then I’d say that everyone is being catered for.

(Mikael Jonsson) #13

First, sitting still on a trainer then I whant the avatar to give me a feel of speed.
The I guess friendly tip on redusing difficylty settings… You guys have to do some read up on how Zwift works. reducing ds will only have affect on the feel of gradiant, an 0% a 10% is 0%, at 100% its 10%, the speed at a seren watt will be the same, You will not go faster at 0 at any given watt, you just wont feel tha incline.

The problem is that AdZ is a long period with no feel of speed, it’s not the effort going up that I have issue with, that part is “no” problem :slight_smile:

And no yet another world with yet a nother climb!!!

My guess is that climbers just scream higher and more then us liking the flat.

(Mike Day) #14

You’re argument makes absolutely no sense. So you’re giving up zwift because a long climb has been introduced that gives you no feeling of speed? It’s a climb, you’re speed will be appropriate to climbing a mountain, what do you expect, to be able to fly up there.? And as the saying goes ,what goes up must come down, so the prize for achieving a full out ascent of the Alpe is a really fast descent ( you’ll like that). It’s sort of like flying but without having to peddle very hard.

(Mikael Jonsson) #15

Yes Mike it’s a climb, yet another rout with climb, this time all bit is all a climb.

Climbers seems to have no or very poor understanding for peopel that don’t like and don’t think it’s cool to climb. 

Sitting still looking at a Avatar that barly moves for over one hour and then sit with your arms crossed waiting to get down again is not fun ride in my and many others books, a route lika Vulcano flat gives good ridning the whole workoute and a feel of that speed, if you like to climb you can turn up the vulcano. the thing is that thats the only route on watopia that is flat, and we have one in London, thats it. the shoort 5k in vulcano, London and richmond dont count, they was dead borring after three laps and still are.

It’s time for Zwift to give us non-climbers some more roads to, you have yours and getting yet another on…

(Steve Copeland) #16

So basically you are not fit enough to handle a few climbs and want the rest of the Zwift world to adapt to you?


(Paul Allen) #17

You guys are not really understanding what he is saying. I agreed with him 100%, Zwift keeps implementing more climbs and there is not that much in terms of flat routes. I believe the longest flat route is the London Greatest Flat that can be done in about 40 minutes. There needs to be longer (more miles) for flat routes. Most of the flat routes can be done multiple times per hour and that just gets boring. It’s not that he is unfit he just wants more longer flat routes.

Not everyone wants to do climbs and it seems the ones that do are shouting the loudest and getting their way even though Zwift’s own stats say the flat routes are the most used.

(Steve Copeland) #18

I can’t think of anything duller than just peddling on a flat route for hours on end.  There is no fitness gain from it so I really don’t get it…


(Paul Allen) #19


What do you mean by “no fitness gain”? It’s the same watts, just used in a different way. You have been a Zwift user long enough to know your statement makes no sense.

Climbers got what they wanted, let the flat route users/triathletes get what they want. Why can Zwift have something for all users, not just the minority. 

(Mike Day) #20

Richmond is the flattest route on Zwift, and also the one everybody moans about the most, it’s only made available for 2 or 3 days a month and people still get peed off at that , so I think the last thing Zwift are going to do is introduce another pan flat boring route that nobody wants to ride. Sorry about that, but most cyclists want a few bumps in the road to make things interesting and challenging.