Allow Zwift to also WRITE heart rate data to Health Kit

(Patrick Schmidt) #1

Not sure why Zwift can only READ heart rate in the Health Kit sources, as the application captures heart rate and reports upon it within the ride summary popup. Please allow heart rate to also WRITE heart rate stats for the ride to Health Kit.

Thank you

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Patrick, we’ll be writing more to health kit by summertime.  I’m very curious why you care about it.  As an iPhone user for many years I’m not sure why I personally care if apple has my HR data or not.   How are you planning on making use of the data?

Thanks for any input you can provide.

(Patrick Schmidt) #3

Thanks for the reply,

Specifically it is the central place I go to in order to see trends relating to improvement of my HR when doing any activity.


Zwift -> (future) writes heart rate

My bluetooth enabled stair climber has an app that -> writes heart rate

As my fitness improves, I am able to see in one place the better/lower HR for known circuits/segments/workouts/etc as I progress through these activities regularly. (I am actually also waiting for Strava to write HR as well, so that when I do outdoor rides the above will be true no matter if I use my stair machine, ride Zwift, or ride outside)

Thank again!

(Patrick Schmidt) #4

Oh also,

If I were able to view my HR relationships compared to power and grade AFTER I save my workout…then the request would be moot. Right now, the info in the activity feed is way too little.

I.e. If I could look at all of the data captured by Zwift even when I am not riding, I would then be able to consult the trends and ascertain my progress…