Allow sprinting with pacers

While technically you can sprint with a pacer, when you do you lose your drop multiplier extremely easy due to the distance gap that usually occurs.

Can zwift dynamically adjust the gap when there is a sprint segment? Sprinting is fun but getting and holding the 2.5x multiplier is also a lot of fun.

the gap has now changed for when you lose the drops multiplier, its far longer than it used to be

I hadn’t noticed that it increased, that’s good to hear. I still find that if I’m in the upper half of the pack and I sprint it’s easy to get 8+ seconds ahead of the pacer and that often means the multiplier will reset. The only way I’ve been able to sprint and keep my multiplier is with a large pack drop near the back and be around 3 seconds behind the pacer… then sprint and then stop pedalling after I cross the segment finish line.

Given that you’ll get maximum draft benefit this way, it’s a no-brainer to have this as your go-to technique anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


the next question… what are you using Drops for and why do you need so many?

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Yeah, the easiest way to go (as someone who sprints from pacer groups a lot) is to just not worry about drop multipliers. You’ll get plenty of drops eventually. Plenty. Sprinting from the pacer group keeps you on the same route, so if you stop caring about drops, you can also play the ‘Sprint and then Hold Off the Bunch’ game, which is also fun.

It’s not a need for more drops, I use the multiplier as a benchmark for how long I’ve been able to stay within a group. Back when pack dynamics were much different it was sometimes really hard to stick with the pacer. It’s better now days but still a personal game I like to play… how long I can hold the top multiplier for.

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Oh gotcha, that’s different, yeah. :slight_smile:

I’d think something like this could be done–a localized larger ‘stick with’ area around sprint banners, so that it doesn’t just turn into being able to ‘ride with’ a pacer when you’re 1km away at any time. It likely won’t be, because Zwift programmers are understaffed and there are a ton of other issues that are far more pressing, lol. But it could be cool, yeah.

Completely agree. This is a nice to have. I know there’s a lot of people that are ask in g for zwift to fix the Apple Watch app right now. I’m personally looking forward to that, a reliable Apple Watch HR integration with zwift would mean one less device to charge and wear.

Throwing this question out there; does the multiplier reset if you teleport back to a bot if you’re at the edge but still “within” timer?

Obviously I realize this solution won’t work for all sprints, but… shorter ones?

Teleport is a great feature for millions of things; worth considering.
I’m just unsure if it resets.

Good question–easy enough to try that, I think I’ll see what happens.

I was just wondering that today! @Tom_J if you’ve tried it let us know. I’ll try and remember tomorrow to test that out.

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Actually, I have an idea related to sprinting, why not have the robopacer sprint on the sprint segments too. :rofl:

So on the sprint segment on Tempus and Tick Tock or Flat route, have the RP speed up to sprint power quickly and people will have fun sprinting with the robopacer. :cowboy_hat_face:

(runs and hides).

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I think that’s a great idea, have it relative to their typical pace so it’s not a rocket ship with each pacer and I think there would be a lot of people that would sprint more.

That’s going to be tricky. I’m sure there are people with similar endurance paces (who would hence likely ride with the same RP) but wildly different sprint power.

It’d be “interesting” to try to code a realistic sprint curve, though. 15wkg for 1 second dropping to 10wkg after 6 seconds and then a slow decay down to 5wkg over x seconds. Not easy. And all highly individual.

Also, where will the RP start sprinting? 50 metres before the segment? 100? 200? That depends on the length of the segment, right?

Tested out sprinting then teleporting back to the pacer to see what would happen with the multiplier… it does reset.

Shucks :frowning:

Worth the shot!

Yup, same experience last night. That said, they really have dramatically increased the distance/time you can get away from the bot before it resets. On a course like Sprinter’s Playground, I wonder if you can just completely let up after the banner and not lose the multiplier before the bot catches you again, at least for the shorter sprint segments. Something like Railway or Alley maybe not, but Castle Park for example. That’s so short, you’re not that far ahead of the bot when you’re done.

I was so gassed once, I was still behind the bot when I was done. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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