Allow specifying duration for the text event callout in custom workouts

Currently there seems to be no way to specify the time duration for how long the message callout should be shown on screen.

Please consider exposing a duration property in the GUI (or at least in the XML), or enhance the text display such that when the next text display shows up, it automatically dismiss the previous text (so as to avoid this overlapping behavior).

Please also consider:

  1. Adding an semi-transparent layer below the text callout so that there is more contrast to the surrounding, making the text more visible and easier on the eyes.  It’s hard to see the white text on a light background.

  2. Allow specifying the font size or a way to make them bigger on screen?  S, M, L?

About duration: Maby not necessary to complicate things with ability to specify duration. But at least older text messages should dissapear when a new shows up.

Edit: I see now that this was already proposed…