Allow Saves Without Exit

yes! I agree

I’m in for this one! Re-starting and having 2 logs for 1 ride is not from this time anymore. So, yes, please, let us save without exiting.

Holy F****, this just blows me away. This has been an issue since before I joined and yet zwift has not bothered to share some sort of a road map to give their paying users some confidence that they are being listened to. We all understand Agile and NO it does not mean you shoot from the hip. Where on the backlog is this highly requested feature? Simple question, simple answer. This is what happens when the only focus is minimum viable product. Zwift better go to bed each night praying there is no competition catching up. Grand Road Tours, Virtugo ???


Another vote. This is especially important now you can choose which world to be in. Means you should be able to ride a bit in London and then go to Watopia. At the moment that means completely exiting to desktop and reloading which takes ages.

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+1, please!

@Anton_Oosthuizen_ZHR - Im pretty sure I wouldnt share my backlog with the public if I was in a competitive industry (I dont and I am) and not sure why you expect that Zwift should. Its a great request, agreed, but I’m thinking that they have a lot of other things ahead of this in priority and and may continue to do so as they get more bugs relating more cool tings they do for us… thats Agile!

@_Dean if you took the time to read and not filter key words you would have realized that I did no ask for the backlog to be published but for zwift to communicate to their paying users where the requested functionality is on the backlog i.e. Q2 2019. Very common for forward thinking companies to communicate a product roadmap, not the tech. Simple really but this thread is about voting for the functionality not debating the merits of crap business ethics. PS. Keeping stakeholders in the dark is NOT Agile.


Oh dear, you missed the point @Anton_Oosthuizen_ZHR but I have voted so we’ll leave it at that.

Strongly agreed!

Read an archived thread regarding this from 2 years ago! Back then it was “in the works.”

This would be highly desirable for me!

I am all for it…

1000% percent agreed

Easily the number one gripe with Zwift. With warmups, cooldowns, need to change route etc, I often have to close and reopen Zwift 3-4 times a session. Really frustrating…

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+1 Billion!

This is the most obvious improvement needed!

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Ought to be a pretty simple change, and clearly people are begging. I signed up for the forums just to add to the chorus between routes, since I had to leave the damn game anyway.

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This is must - my vote too.

Hey Zwift developers, are you listening? why oh why oh why do we have to exit the game in order to save a ride?? This is basic functionality.


One of the biggest head-scratchers about Zwift. Seems like such an obvious thing you would include from the get go.

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Gets my vote as well. Can’t be too hard to implement, can it?

Me too ! I sometimes would like to look around when I am finished my ride but want to make sure I have saved it !
ANd is there anyway we can add a save, APPLY UPDATES, and exit feature so I can do this at the end of my workout rather then waiting at the beginning ( when I am often short on time do do the workout …!) It can update while I shower :))

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