Allow per user spin down calibration data

If multiple people share the same trainer and it requires a spin down to calibrate it, the spin down offset should be associated with the user and not the device (Apple TV, PC etc.). A button should be available to read the current offset and store that with the user account on demand.

The offset seems mainly to be influenced by the weight of the rider, so if a child and an adult, who have different Zwift accounts, share the same trainer, either the child has an advantage or the adult has a disadvantage depending on who did the last calibration.

Hi @Nicky_Murphy_HCC

I am think the calibration value get saved on the trainer not on zwift. It is influenced by the bike tire and how tight the roller is to the wheel.

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That is correct. The spin down data is specific to the trainer, not the user, and is stored in the trainers memory.

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From my tests, the riders weight will influence it more than tyres or bikes. For example my offset on an Elite Nero on my bike, my sons bike, on gravel tyres and track tyres is 5000. His is 10000 on the same bike and he weighs half of me. If it can’t be read from the trainer there needs to be some way to take account of the difference without having to recalibrate every time.

Most wheel on trainers have to be recalibrated every ride due to changes in tire pressure & type, ambient temperature, etc. I think Zwift should add an automatic spindown for wheel on trainers and a periodic spindown for wheel off trainers.

Wheel off trainers don’t have to be recalibrated as frequently because the variable factors don’t exist and the only thing that needs to be taken into account is the freehub & flywheel.