Allow multiple users with one account

(Julio Guevara 4757) #1

Allow multiple profiles from the same account… unless you’re using it simultaneously, you shouldn’t need a second account. I like biking, but my wife like running why do we need to pay for 2 different account if we are in the same house and we use it at different times? I know you want to maximized your profit, but it would be nice to get something back from Zwift for our support by buying a subscription.

(ursula matchett) #2

likewise…we are also in this situation. I thought this was being looked into?

(Christian Poetter) #3

I would also be very interested in this feature!

(Roman Sauber) #4

Yes, that would be awesome! Or a family special deal :slight_smile:

(Karin Evelyn) #5

That’s really the only reason I didn’t join past my free trial.  It’s bad enough they raised their rates, not I have to pay $15x 2? I just cant justify that for an animated screen

(Andre Hufschmid) #6

@Joe: If you don’t sign up its your loss. Zwift is great and they are doing so much for thousands of people to live a better life.However, I am sure that Zwift will come up with something  regarding user accounts, give them time. Most important is that the environment runs smoothly.

@Julio: Now that said, if you go to a gym, you can’t pass on your membership either. Each and every member of the family needs to have a membership to enter. You may get a reduction but additional profiles are sure not for free. So why should this be different with Zwift?