Allow for up down resistance setting

you should add an up down resistance button to the companion app.  I was trying to join a group ride, and could not keep up with today.  my rockNroll was showing 100 rpms, but i couldn’t get above 200 or so watts because the course was flat.


Add a manual mode for riding where i can set my resistance.  This would also allow me to get some speed downhill since i can’t gear it high enough to do anything, and i noticed on the hills i go just as fast if I pedal ZERO.

I await with great anticipation the smarmy responses on how stupid the request is and how nothing is wrong with Zwift

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I just don’t understand how you cannot get above 200 watts on the flats with an cadence of 100. I can do 200 watts with a cadence of 75 and still have gears I can shift up to.

What is the gearing on your bike?

i am pretty sure that’s my problem, i am a big guy so i got a sturdy mountain bike 29" wheels.  I did upgrade the sprockets to the biggest available.  Any ideas how i determine the gearing?

My son has a 29" MTB and I have used and don’t think there would be any issue in hitting 200 watts on a flat and still have gears to go.

You would just count the teeth on the sprockets.

47-48 on the large sprocket

You should have no troubles hitting 200 and still have gears left.

Not sure if you can calibrate the R&R or not, but something is not right.

My sons bike is 42/34/24 on the front and 14-28 on the rear.

opened a ticket with R&R.  would be nice if Zwift just let us pick a calibration. IE zero grade =2%.  it would super easy to implement.  Then i could us all my gears.


Did you pick the correct trainer in Zwift? 

where would i set that?




In order to use estimated power, you need to have an ANT+ speed sensor  and  one of our supported classic trainers.

  1. Verify that your speed sensor is on by spinning the wheel it measures.
  2. Select the “Search” button under the  Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer  category.
  3. Your speed sensor should appear on the pop-up menu. Select it.
  4. Select your supported classic trainer from the next window that appears.



Note: If your trainer is not on the trainer list it is  NOT  supported. Do not pick a different trainer. You will get inaccurate readings. We encourage you to either switch to a smart trainer, power meter, or supported classic trainer.

See our article on inaccurate zPower readings and tire slippage for more information.

yea, it pairs power, cadence, and controllable  thought there was some other trick