Allow choice of routes and gear before riding

At the moment Zwift goes from the login to Paired Devices. Because I have my trainer in the garage it would be nice if the sequence would be login > World choice > Paired Devices, with the World Choice page allowig access to the Garage. Then I’d be able to choose my world and route, set up my bike and change my gear in the house. Then complete the pairing stage in the garage when the trainer is ready. This is a more natural sequence of events.

It is possible to achieve this by skipping the pairing. But that is more awkward. And, for some reason (that is no fault with Zwift), my laptop-trainer set-up doesn’t pair well that way.

The new homepage allows for access to the garage before starting a ride. You still see the pairing screen first, but it’s always been possible to skip it and come back anyway.