All riders on all courses all the time

Some riders ride/run in their own world already, called ‘Workout mode’ which does not follow the terrain.

So all riders on the official daily course/map could transmit their given power output to control ‘ghost riders’ on all the other courses.

That way all courses would be populated all the time. And if I select my map (with the <WORLD> tag) I will always see all the riders, some are ghosts (from other maps) and some are actually riding the same map.

I think events already have such functionality so that they can take place where the event organizer desires to be.

Should be programmatically easy to give this a try, no?

Thanks, Juergen

I believe that would cause a lot of unnecessary server load with very little benefit if any. I believe in the next few months the editing of the World tag will no longer be necessary.

Editing the WORLD tag is beside the point. The issue is never to be alone or only with a few other people while everybody else is on a different map.

I believe server load should not be an issue with such little information necessary. But the technical network issue is also beside the point that I’m trying to make.

The technical aspect has a lot to do with if Zwift will even consider the request and it will create a lot more server load then you realize.

I am guessing all worlds will be available all the time in the near future.

Maybe adding the Blue Guys on the non active course of the day would suffice.

I often find it quite nice to be in a different world with few other people.  I don’t want to see all the worlds be crowded all the time.