All in favor say aye!

This is a little weird but I thought I’d share it lol. Sooo, what if there was a new category! I mean like there is a helmet category… keeps u from cracking your noggin open… uh anyway! So, THATS safe… so why not add a mask?:smirk: It ALSO keeps u safe. Lol, it was just a crazy idea so all in favor to this crazy idea say aye :joy:



Well… I never see anyone’s face on Zwift, so how about a “I’ve been vaccinated” jersey instead?

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Says it all

True, I thought about that but it should also have a dude with a mask on the back. :roll_eyes::joy:

Where’s the downvote…


ouch…lol i hope there isn’t one here! :sweat_smile:

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I dont think we need to be requesting weird features . Zwift seem to come up with more than enough to go round for us unaided . :rofl:

That said this whilst this is not really weird and I understand that it would be nice to be able to demonstrate social responsibilty pershaps , probably just an area I guess zwift might be advised to not step into , where does it end with making real life political statements in game in these times might not end well as you would like. Like everything else , you have space in your name or profile to tag some information , maybe just use that .

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Agreed - I would like to think that most people would prefer if Zwift kept away from virtue signaling (we’ve got politicians, celebrities and sportspersons to do that).

Id much rather not be reminded of the troubles of the outside world while on Zwift

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