All Hype and just crap

I’m brand new here day 0 user and already I’m complaining. The Bloody APP takes forever to update/load on Windows 10. I have latest spec software/ hardware and internet is fibre optic so the problem is not my end! The App just too over rated and seems like fresh out the box it can’t deliver! What the F is this??! I am so disappointed!

Have you got a HDD or an SSD? If HDD then there’s your problem.

If it’s the very first time you’ve launched it, the game needs to download, extract and install to your storage drive. Sometimes the download server is slow, making your fibre broadband irrelevant.

However ‘latest spec software/ hardware’ means literally nothing, you’ll need to advise exactly what system you are using. If it’s a laptop with mobile CPU and mechanical HDD, it’ll take a lot longer.


The first install takes a while but after that it loads very quickly (or the problem is your end).

If you haven’t even loaded it yet how can you know if it is over hyped or not? Unless you were just hoping for a really great installation experience and never actually ride?

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plz just uninstall kkthnx

It worked finally. latest spec means just that…what you can get off the shelf in 2021. What swift need to do rather than rely on slow server downloads just update the software link with the latest most upto date fast pristine all new and shiny software! In click download install and ready to go rather than wait 2hrs to upgrade the old one​:point_up:t5::point_up:t5:

Davos 2021

If you’re not prepared to give any useful information about your setup then don’t expect help. This is primarily a community-based forum.


Indeed… here are two links for ‘current off the shelf in 2021’

We’re all happy to help out here in the community, but need something to work with!

The process of downloading the software via a link, and then having the software update itself is a very common way of distributing software. Or in this case, the Zwift Download link is essentially an installer, NOT the application itself. (granted it might not be 100% clear at the time of downloading the installer, but it is rather common)

Hopefully, now that everything is installed, downloaded, and running, you are enjoying Zwift!

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That is like saying you have the latest bike because you bought it this year. Without knowing what spec you bought it is impossible to know if it is any good or not.

There are 10 year old computers that far out perform ones you could go out and buy today.


By the same token, the launcher takes seconds to install so everyone should be capable of realising that can’t possibly be the whole thing.

Anyway if it’s a brand new laptop with 10th or 11th gen Intel integrated graphics then the OP will be back…


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