Align CE event Cat descriptions with FAQ?

Are the race category w/kg descriptions built into the event setup and can’t be changed, or some other reason that CE category limits shown in event listings, don’t align with the CE faq limits?


Open Races zMAP (watts/kg) zFTP watts/kg and watts
Category A ≥5.4W/kg ≥4.2W/kg and ≥250W
Category B ≥4.2W/kg ≥3.36W/kg and ≥200W
Category C ≥3.3W/kg ≥2.625W/kg and ≥150W
Category D <3.3W/kg <2.625W/kg and OR <150W
Category E N/A N/A

Default(?) Limits in Events

There is no such thing in CE about 95% of anything, correct?

Redoing the race cat descriptions seems to align a lot more closely with how results appear in ZP anyway. From a somewhat recent Stage2/ Race like a Pro:

Highest 20min w/kg riders listed. For D, the top rider was a 33kg junior, so included the 2nd-highest as well. In sum, 2.7 top D, 3.4 top C, 4.2 for top B.

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