ALBANIAN FLAG::!!!!!??????

I just wonder again what its wrong to not have on the game my Albanian flag?

I have write to  you for 4 month ago, and nobody dont answer on that!

I see many other small states have own flags on the game, but not Albanian?

Feeling discriminated!!!

Red flag with double eagle on it is out there Xeni , a guy I’m following has the flag have a look again.

Yes flag its only in the profile… but when you ride its not there :frowning:


Realise what you meant now!!!  Submit Zwift ticket and ask or online chat hopefully they can sort it…

Pac Fat.:+1:

( in case anyone translates that as rude it’s meant to mean good luck in :albania: Albanian :crossed_fingers:)

Many thanks dear friend :) 

Yes you writed very nice that Word PAC FAT :)