AI personalities

(William Gillanders) #1

I think that the AI riders are a little lame. It would be great to give them a little personality. For instance - Team Cinzano are super competitive. They ride fast and don’t wait after hills. Team Molteni are slow and like to regroup. Team Maestri are a little unpredictable etc

If there are multiple teams and each has a personality you could make sure that you stick with them if they are at your speed and are their style matches your ride goals.

Of course they would need to have team kits so they would be recognizable

As it stands now it is hard to know what those AIs are doing - they speed up and slow down seemingly at random

(Joseph Dowski) #2

Hah… Bill beat me to it. I had thought much the same thing… tagging on for updates. :slight_smile:

(Robert Lyons) #3

Along with the personalities, it would be nice to display their watts/kg threshold. Then you would know which climber, sprinter, helper, etc is the best one given the circumstance. A mix of different thresholds on AI’s would be nice for those early riser and night owl rides. For example: Real rider turnout could be very low at 4am. So having challenging AI’s mixed in would be nice.