Age of riders on leaderboard

(Steven Raynor) #1

Is there any way to see the age of the riders on the leaderboard without looking through every single rider?

I’m training for a Gran Fondo in real life and want to try and finish in the top 25% of participants for my age group and wondered if I could look at my performance on zwift for group rides to see how I’m going for my age group.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

(Paolo Cecchini5714_ZHR(H)) #2

Yep, I’d want to brag about my age, too, I’m 65yo.



(Lin Alan) #3

You can opt-in to share your Zwift data w/ Zwift Power. Then you need to register at Zwift Power.

Once done, you can see any of your results from group rides or races. Age is a sortable field.

(David Dewaels IM) #4

Godd idea, I agree.