Age Group Podiums and KOM/QOMs

Still work that requires an engineer and as I said earlier this isn’t likely to be high priority.

Yes this was my thinking as well.

It’s a challenging UX opportunity to solve. You can make the result table really busy with different situational iconography if you aren’t thoughtful enough about it.

With that said, there ought to be a way to show visual indicator for top finishers in each age group (particularly if they aren’t on the podium).

Sure, but only if they’ve all started in the same pen.

Consider for first steps, just adding another available filter on your Open Rankings page to keep for “All” or subselect just a specific age category you want to see?

Also, within each profile page, you show event placings, add another column for “Age Pos”?

I’ll add an Age filter on rankings to the roadmap. :+1:


Thanks so much!

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Gerrie I don’t know my way around here. Can’t even find this thread in FEATURES! Is it possible to have a link to this exact thread? If so, can you direct me to it so I can circulate it to folks who are interested?
Thanks so much!

HI James. Asking the key question again. I am suggesting this is at a higher mission level than new game features. Asking where DEI and social impact objectives are for ZWIFT. This is a Board level question really. I am suggesting this idea deserves C-Suite attention. Thanks!

Hi Trish,

I don’t believe this is the case.


You just posted in the thread. :roll_eyes:

Age Group Podiums and KOM/QOMs?

I strongly support this proposal.
The cycling population, like the general population, is growing older. This is a crucial feature to support Zwift’s user base.

The co-CEOs @Eric and @Kurt_Beidler read the forum. They rarely respond but it’s likely that they will see your suggestion.

I’m not sure I agree that Zwift is not focused on DEI within cycling, the evidence just doesn’t support that. Zwift is the title sponsor for the Tour de France Femme and I could argue has done more for women’s cycling than any other company in the past 10, 15, 20 years.

Zwift doesn’t have age groups for racing built in, but community organizers are able to create them (this requires users to enter the correct pen based on their age of course). Age is also a column on Zwiftpower already, so you can see how you rank against others in the same age category currently (you just don’t get a little digital trophy for it).

I don’t know how old the people are who are riding or racing next to me, all the avatars look the exact same age, unless I dig into someone’s profile to see how old they are. I’m struggling to see how ageism is an issue that needs to be addressed ahead of all other priorities on Zwift?

Please help me understand.


Hi Mike – Thanks for your reply. I am not saying ZWIFT isn’t focused on DEI. I am not privy to all its practices as an organization or its business strategy. And I do not know what is on the roster for product improvement priorities. I am suggesting these changes based on my experience (and that of friends and teammates) of the structures which are in place today on Zwift. If the organization is already looking for ways to combat sexism, ageism and all the other isms that’s terrific! I am trying to help.

Sponsorship of TdFF was huge. There is just a LOT more that can be done both for women and for older riders at what would seem to be a relatively low cost, with most likely a very high return on investment given the demographics – let alone the social value.

If one has to dig for a number, by definition, that number is not considered important by the community. The important ones get charming little symbols, or flash on the screen, or written about in the race summaries, or called out in the headline stats. The game part of this is about fun. It isn’t so much fun to not have peers to race with nor get recognized for performance. There are very few events for women. So if a woman is looking for a race on any given moment somewhere on the planet, she is likely riding with men. And there will be no women’s podium’s or rankings. That’s not fun. The fact that someone can scour race results to figure out if there were any other women, or anyone else in their age category in an event, and what the standing are is not practical or fun. And who has time?

I can’t speak to prioritizing efforts to combat ageism ahead of other priorities as I don’t know enough about the company or its issues. But the commercial reason to pay attention is the size and relative affluence of the older rider demographic. The societal reason to encourage more athletes to jump in, or to stay in the game longer, is a matter of public health and economy. There is a huge amount of research on the impact exercise has on disease, cognition, mobility, ability to contribute, financial independence, health care costs, and happiness. People who embrace aging with a positive attitude and an active lifestyle live an average of 7 years longer. Being engaged in athletics and with others, is one of the top most impactful practices.

I watch people drop out because it stops being fun, society expects them to “get old” so they do, and there aren’t many systems to prop them up and cheer them on. For cyclists, Zwift can make an enormous impact on that problem. I know quite a few older riders who have given up the roads for safety or because of health issues. But they can ride on Zwift. There would be a lot of ways to build community for them and others like me, who use Zwift for training when we can’t be outside. Those of us who are defying gravity and expectations will carry on. But there is the vast center of the bell curve that needs help.

Hope this is useful!




Hi Colin. Would you explain why it only works if riders start in the same pen? I just don’t understand/haven’t studied these fine points of how Zwift works. Ideally this would be race-wide no, just like in IRL racing? Thanks!

Thanks for the reply James. Can you expand on your comment? Which thing do you not believe is the case? In the interest of finding solutions, I would like to understand why you think so. W
hy not? Thanks!

Ah!! I see that now. Was looking at the same location link but I guess it is forwarding. Thank you!

Thanks! Are any of them over 60 or women? :slight_smile:

5 year age category on back of rider (&/or in list of nearby riders) would be good for veteran riders in all contexts: whether just-ride, race or whatever … ie. V50,V65, V75 etc