Age armbands or other age identifier

Hello zwift

I’ve been with you for nearly a month now. Quite simply love it!

An idea. I’m 48, could you add an age armband to riders so we can see how old or what category their in please?

Think it would be really useful to help identify who we’re up against.

Thinking something like a coloured armband for the category, or letter on the armband “V” for me ,-)

Thanks for the best app ever!

I don’t think that data privacy laws would allow this, i.e. you can’t publicly broadcast someone’s age without their approval.

When racing, you will be able to see what category other riders are in.

Plus, what does it matter how old someone is? I’m 51 and a much stronger rider now than I was when I was 40, or even 30 to be honest. But i was only messing around on mountain bikes in those days.


According to Zwift, they and their partners can (and do) publicly publish weight/age/data.