After quitting Zwift, notification that some devices are still connected via Bluetooth [SOLVED]

Hey it was worth it to get pre notification of a new game release. Sweet :rofl:

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Hi @Mike.Winfield, @shooj. After downloading the update my iPad Pro is completely bricked in that it can’t find any Bluetooth devices in zwift . I’ve reset iPad to no avail. My other iPad I usually use for companion worked fine. I also tested the wahoo app in my bricked iPad and it finds my devices fine. Help running out of debug ideas.


I’ve also tried completely deleting and reinstalling app and it still can’t find anything. Bluetooth turned on and confirmed zwift can access everything .

I am having the same problems @shooj @Mike.Winfield I tried on PC too and it didn’t work. PLease help!!!

@shooj, @Mike.Winfield, Okay, so I found a solution for iOS and one I would never recommend. First I completely erased my bricked iPad. Then I restored it from the iPad that was working . Now it finds my devices. However , the delightful notification is still going strong and has not been fixed after the update.

Hope this helps someone.

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Sara Lance.

Did you just delete the app or completely erase the ipad? I tried deleting the app and nothing happened. I guess I lost my records for nothing…

Oliver, I had to erase my iPad . But I used my other iPads backup for the restore not it’s own as the other iPad had a working Bluetooth in zwift. I might have tried restoring an old backup from prior to yesterday if that had not worked. Hope this helps ,

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Sara Lance

Very sorry for the surprise “Not able to pair on iPad Pro” issue, folks. Please do not wipe your iPads. A patch should be coming as soon as Monday 1/26/2021.

Regarding iOS notifications continuing to pop up. There was a lot of work done testing the new iOS notification behavior and subsequently, the changes didn’t make into Friday’s release (1/22/2021).

As mentioned in my post above (01/20/2021), expected release date for this better iOS notification behavior is mid-February.

I’m sure by now, you are all pros at long-pressing the notifications in Notification Center and choosing “Disconnect Devices”. Thank you for your patience for another few weeks.

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Thank you all for your patience. We just released a new iOS version on the Apple Store.

My changes for better notifications on iOS are in this new version. Please feel free to let me know if there are any remaining iOS notification issues after updating with the new build.