Aero helmet unlock

AT the end of Tour of London Stage 3 , Zwift said I earned the Aero Helmet, its now 2 days later and its not available in my garage


Hi @John_Ooyen-CLS-76
Welcome to Zwift forums. I looked at the server logs and the achievements you’ve unlocked in the past week. You’ve had a very nice week of riding!

But I am confused why you would have seen a notice that you were awarded an aero helmet?
There isn’t a helmet awarded for participating in Tour of London.
You haven’t leveled up in the past week, so there should have been no helmet awarded for leveling up.

Where on the screen was the announcement? Was there a banner across the bottom as you’d see for a route completion award, or the Lift Off! award you got over the weekend?

Just to mention…

Last week I have unlocked a s-works bike also without leveling up or doing something special.

Total surprise but I don’t complain :grin:

Yes there was a banner across the screen.

In your case - does the S-Works bike show in your garage?

This is very odd. Let us look into it for both of your cases.

This is the one. I did research and it’s a reward for the California challenge but I can’t remember that I signed up for that challenge?

While ur here, can u ask for a fix to change color of the canyon ultimate that I bought in the drop shop? There’s a spray can but it doesn’t seem to work

Two comments:

First, now that you have completed the Tour California Challenge, be sure to select another challenge ASAP (if you still have one you have not completed) so that you are not ‘wasting’ any miles.

Second, there are (sadly) a number of bikes in the Drop Shop that show the spray can but don’t actually seem to change color no matter where you put the slider. I’m bummed by this, also.