Aero bike paint

Do I have to buy the aero bike by the end of the tour to get the special paint, or will I be credited the special paint for when I do buy the bike?

If you complete all 7 stages of the Tour of Watopia, you’ll unlock the official Tour of Watopia paint job for the Aero bike. If you have the Aero bike now, or if you buy it after you unlock the paint job, you’ll still be able to put the paint on your Aero bike!


Thanks! I can’t afford the aero bike yet. Maybe by the end of the Tour…:crossed_fingers:

I just finished the last stage and no custom paint have appeared on my bike???

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First, the paint job is only available for the Zwift Aero bike. If you’re not on that bike you won’t see the paint job. Second, the paint job will only become an available option for the Zwift Aero bike. You’ll still have to go to your ‘garage’ and select the Zwift Aero as your frame, and then you can select the ToW paint job option.

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If it’s been unlocked, it will show up as a color option button in the lower right corner when selecting the aero bike.

And you have to restart Zwift after earning the paint pattern. It won’t be available in the garage until your next Zwift ride.