Aero army wyn tt series

Under Event Description is says to join the League but no link is provided on ZP (event from late last is the most current). It does mention ‘see how you stack up every week against others’–hard to do without anything current. Additionally cannot find any ‘contact’ information to post questions. Great series but wondering if it just hasnt been updated yet or will it be run without any standings as individual races only.

I know ZP is having some issues with gc in large events.
But it still only shows results for the August series.
Help us someone please.

I’ve asked the same question like 10 days ago, but it seems nobody had an answer to this…
I think that the description is more on the marketing side of things and that you automatically “join” the league once you are an ZP. But I might be wrong with this assumption.

Edit: However, this does not explain why the league has not been updated from the August 2020 events to the current events.

I’ve contacted WYN and Zwift but think it’s a Lost cause. Poorly organized by Wyn and not a good showing by Zwift event organizers. No contact info, updated league info and standings. Normally good job by Zwift but this one fell through cracks.