I learned that my previous post on the topic was in breach of forum guidelines so I’ll rephrase:

Yesterday I did my “sub hour AdZ” successfully and went to Strava to see what kind of times the “big boys” were doing on that KOM. I was really impressed to see that the top-4 had a great group ride where they matched not only their speed, but their cadence and heart rates, ending up (surprisingly) with the exact same time, besting number 5 (ironically, a German rower) with several minutes. This feat is really astonishing, we must be talking about quadruplets. Who are apparently really protective about their privacy since two of them have changed names since yesterday!

To be clear, I’m not accusing anybody of cheating

(returns tongue from cheek)

Report to Strava.

Yes, already tagged them yesterday. They might have been removed but today the top two appears to be from the same fit file as yesterday (different names, though).