Advice to Newbies - How to do it all

(Tim Camden (B)) #1

I’m only starting my 3rd indoor season on Zwift (level 20) so there are plenty of more experienced riders on Zwift. I am close enough to my early days to remember some questions I had and now that I have completed some goals, I see a few things that I did right and a few things that I would tweak.

  1. Have a goal or better goals. At first, just get on and experience a few rides.
    Soon you will get to my goal #2.

  2. Get a map and learn the worlds you ride.
    I started with a printed paper map but soon discovered the Zwift Map app.
    It helps you learn where you are and how to get to where you want go.
    This is important for goals 3 & 4.

3 & 4 - I wanted XP points and I wanted that Tron bike.
To get thon bike, you have to climb - a lot - in the Everest Challenge. I did not want to spend time on the flat parts so I used the maps to figure out where the best climbing was. This was before Alp d’Huez and Leith Hill so the best climbing was Watopia Epic KOM with laps up and down the Radio Tower Hill and on the London course, I just rode up and down Box/Fox Hill.
You get lots of vertical climbing going up but the down hill gets you only XP points from miles.
Overall, since the pace is slower, you don’t ride a lot of miles so I would do a 1 hour workout on my vertical climbs. In work out mode, you get XP points from completing segments.
After completing the days work out, dont forget to ride down the mountain. From the top of Epic KOM to Ocean BLVD it is almost 10 miles of almost coasting, that’s 300 XP points.

To maximize time climbing, I would spawn on to the Jungle circuit then do a U turn and go to the mountain.
The Jungle spawn point is about 1 mile from the start of the mountain climb so I did not have to waste time riding the flat section, but you have to be a level 10 first to get into the jungle.

  1. Related to all - World choice. I discovered that the max climbing for me was to always ride in Watopia so I got the Zwift Prefs Hack and I had complete control of where I rode.

It took me all indoor season last year to get the Tron bike.
What I would do different.
At the end of my work out, when I’m going to coast down the mountain and get XP points, I think I would quickly pop into my Prefs page and switch my challenge to Tour of California or Italy and add 10 miles to that challenge. That would have netted me 30 miles per week and 120 miles per month.

Level up, get the Tron Bike, complete challenges, learn the Worlds and gain power of World choice.
Get it all in 1 season!

Tron bike acquisition is lonely. There are (or were) few races or rides up the mountains.
Also in work out mode, you can’t give a Ride On. I thought something was wrong with my set up for weeks!