Adjusting speed delay - Zwift Running Workouts

I love using the workouts in Zwift. The only problem for me and other users is the delay for increasing and reducing the speeds in shorter intervall sections.

For example:
5 min warm up
10 times: 1 min @ 16kph >> 30 sec @ 8kph
5 min cool down

Its nearly impossible for me to hit that invervalls correctly and get these sections marked with a star in Zwift.
I have to decide whether I want to make the short intervals even shorter, to correctly execute the intensive ones in the training, or to do both improperly.
Unlike on an indoor bike where you can push several more watts within a second every treadmill needs some time to reach the right speed.

For this reason I am looking for a solution to this problem and already want to offer a simple solution: “transition blocks” in workouts, 10 to 15 seconds long, which only serve to adjust the speed on the treadmills.

So the example above would look like this:
5 min warm up
10 times: transition block (10 sec to speed up) > 1 min @ 16kph > transition block (10 sec to slow down) > 30 sec @ 8kph
5 min cool down

Any thoghts or remarks on this?

Regards, Paul :slight_smile: