Adjusting Elite Sterzo Sensitivity?

Anyone know how to get to the elite sterzo sensitivity adjustment??

Clint Sr

As far as I know, there is no user-adjustable sensitivity control for the Elite Sterzo Smart.

I’ve been using one since it was first launched, and have taken mine apart a couple of times to make (very minor) improvements. Nothing adjustable, inside or out.

Sensitivity adjustment would require hacking into the firmware and reprogramming it. Apparently this was possible in the past, for those with the technical chops, but was made a lot more difficult or impossible by a firmware update some months ago.

The only adjustable parameter that I’ve come across is the centering setting in the pairing page in Zwift.

Thank you Roule

Yes, only teason I asked was I saw a youtube video setup and it shoed setting sensitivity but I have beennunable to find it?? Thank you for the clarifications. Stay safe & Happy!! Ride on!!


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