ADDRESSED: Crashes in Watopia after desert update

I am in the same boat @Gareth_Evans1

It gets old not be able to do any Watopia events or rides. I am so over this, crash after crash in Watopia. I have completely reinstalled ios on iphone6 and tried on 2 different macbook pros too. Need to check other app options.

Same here didn’t finish TOW can’t do WSR but can do any group rides everywhere else

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2.5 miles from stage 7 finish last night and everything just stopped. WTH !!
Happened in the cool down of a 90 minute FTP test also

I was repeatedly kicked out of Watopia this morning and so could not take part in an event. I am using an iPhone 6.
Is this still an ongoing wider issue or is it just my problem?

Frustration - hope this som will be fixed !

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I’v Been having problems with disconnecting for the last couple of months every time I’m about to start a race or an organised ride. I did email Zwift and hopefully will be resolved soon

I assume this is still an issue. I rode AHDR Bacon rolls on Watopia last night and had Zwift app crash 2 times during the ride whilst using Ipad mini 2. Frustrating when it happens…

Still happening I got 3 miles then crashed out again on CRYO-GEN it’s starting to get frustrating as a lot of the rides I want to do are in Watopia

This is still an issue; occurred to me today and Sunday as well. Very frustrating!

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I tried it 2 weeks ago…fu**ed up from that I rode in London that day.
Hoping that it’s solved, I tried it yesterday…still the same sh*t…very frustrating situation…

Hi @Andre_Assmann: Can you please give us more information, like computer specs, Zwift version, trainer, trainer firmware, what other devices you are using.

I use an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS (12.3.1) and a Tacx Genius Smart. The Zwift App is version 1.0.37456 .

My IPhone 6 still crashed today 14/07/19. Tacx Flux S, iOS and Zwift all up to date

Having this issue on windows 10 in Watopia, tends to happen around the time the auto photo would get taken.

I would like to ride L‘Etape du Tour de France on Sunday…but I have no chance to, because this bug is still there…really sad about that…

I heard there was an update today, maybe it was fixed?

The update specifically states:

Reduced memory usage on devices with 1GB of memory.

I expect it fixes the crashing on the listed devices below: