Adding waypoints before ride!


I posted this already but in the wrong section, so here it is again!


One of many major improvement would be to add waypoints before a ride so that you can customise your session into exactly what you have time and want to experience.

Using manual "turning through the app is ok but shouldn’t be only way of riding customised routes.

So one easy way would be an interactive overhead map before entering the game.  Then use a waypoint system to fill in the sections you want to ride, once it´s locked… Ride On!

As it is now you´ll have to check with only to see how the course look. 

Also I think that being able to zoom out from the map in realtime while riding would really add to your session.



These suggestions have been made many times, make sure you vote up the existing ones so Zwift know what the users want.

Wouldn’t mind getting a link to those post because scrolling through I haven’t seen them

My phone sent without being finished ,  just want to clarify I’m all for one thread I just didn’t find any talking about waypoints? And I also think we can agree on this forum is pretty badly done compared to a lot of places on “da” Internet

Hi Eric, 

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see changed about the forums?