Adding user has caused problems

Hi all, I’ve been a new user all week and enjoying it. My daughter decided she wanted a go and created a user for herself so she wouldn’t be doing it on my stats.

However now when I go to my account I see REC on the top right of the screen and all my data isn’t there, ie heart rate etc.

What have we done and how do we get back to how we were? Thanks. Peter

Hi Peter,
Think you’ll find its an April Fools :wink:

Maybe or maybe not but I can’t use it now. If I start cycling I see my stats but the screen seems to be blurred or more indistinct than usual and it has REC up on the top right. And below my stats it says ZWIFT 1989

Mines the same as this too, seems to be something Zwift do

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I’ve entered an event and cannot see the button to join the event