Adding more workouts on weekends

I would really like to see more workouts on weekends. I like to do a lighter day on Saturday before a big race on Sunday. But, for example, this Saturday has only workouts (after 8:30 am) that you ride below 2 w/kg and they are just rides. I did not see any workouts like Lead Outs or Top End Tuning to do.
Thank you

You can always do a training session without there being an organised group ?

I guess a lot of people are out cycling in the real world at the weekend if they can.

The Peaks Coaching Group endurance workouts Saturdays @ 4:05pm (Est) are pretty good - they’ve been medium effort mostly Z2/Z3 sessions, though, not too tough. I don’t see one listed for this saturday yet so not sure if it’s a regular weekly thing.

Thanks, I am aware of the ones I can do by myself. But, I really like the group ones which are many during the week. As to riding outside on the weekends, I don’t ride unless the temp is above 40 and here, in Boulder, CO we have been getting temps below 0. So, I would rather ride inside.

It would just be nice to have the group workouts offerred on weekends like they are on the week days.