Adding Loops/Legs without Restarting Program

So let’s say you ride a 14.8 mile loop. Then you decide, well great, I’m done but now I want to ADD a 3.6 mile cooldown from the drop down menu. Well, you can’t because you have to quit, save your ride, get logged out, and then LOG BACK IN. By then, I don’t bother. But it would be an easy fix to have an option “add to ride” and then you could pick another loop so it doesn’t look like you are a wimp, just doing 3.6 miles or whatever. Sometimes I’ll bike 20 but then want to add more - but I have to start from ZERO unless I just turn around or something.

Why can’t you make manually turns with a mouse or the Zwift Mobile Link or just keep riding.

I don’t see how any of what you do on Zwift would make you look like a wimp to anyone else.

Not really following what you are asking for.

Sure - you can but if I finish one “set” loop, the program doesn’t let me go back to the list of courses and select another one to “stack” that one on top of my first one. I was just kidding on the wimp factor but I don’t like to have to sign out and sign back in.

I think I follow what you are saying. Right now your only choices are to use the manual turns or to log out and back in. I would suggest just using the manual turns. 

I have not heard an update on this feature request in a long time, but I do know it’s on their list of things they want to get done.

I have put in over 3 hours on the same loop and if I feel like it I hit a manual turn, but that is very rare.

I do this all the time, but as Paul says it involves doing things manually and you can’t jump from one place to another … you have to cycle your way to any other loop you want to do.