Addicted Badge - ride a lap 7 days in a row

(John Cole) #1

Someone please explain to me the definition of a “lap”. I completed the jungle loop 4 days in a row, then I did the pretzel fondo, then Richmond, and today London. Didn’t get squat. Rode around lots of “loops”, but evidently didn’t complete any “laps”.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

My understanding is a lap is considered riding 10km according to something I read a while ago from a Zwift employee. I recall when I did this that the achievement came the next day that I rode on Zwift not directly after the 7th day’s ride.

(John Cole) #3

Ok, thank you Nigel for taking time to respond. I rode at least 10k’s per day, so hopefully the badge will show up tomorrow. Wonder why they didn’t just say to ride at least 10km for 7 days?

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Hi John. I think it’s an old achievement from early on in Zwift’s life when there was only one lap of anything. Once they added more roads they must have made it 10km without updating the name. But yeah, saying ride 10km every day is a lot clearer.

You should get it. I did it plus the 14 day one.

(John Cole) #5

Congrats! Thanks for the response and inspiration. If my badge shows up tomorrow then I’ll go for 14. Cheers.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #6

John, I asked the same of the 14 day badge and yes it showed on the next ride so either log on again today or carry on for the 14.

Ride on

(Daniel Ambrose) #7

That’s really annoying. I rode 7 days in a row. 30 miles for 4 days, 10 miles one day. 5 the next and 10 miles today. I was actually targeting the 7 days badge. So if it’s 10k, I missed this buy 1.2 miles yesterday.

It’s not clear.

Little things like this let Zwift down.

(John Cole) #8

Daniel, sadly I believe you are correct in that you missed the achievement by 1.2 miles. But chin up, you can do it! Remember that you won’t see the achievement posted until you sign in the following day. Best wishes.

(Daniel Ambrose) #9

Strange! It unlocked last night. So maybe it’s not 10km? It’s really odd. Now it would be good to try the 14days badge but we don’t know how long we have to ride for.

(Riann Duffy) #10

If you look at the course you are riding, it will tell you the length of the “lap.” In any given world, it seems like there are laps as short as 4km or so- the volcano circuit in watopia or the classique in london, or there are huge laps of 40km and more. I’d make sure you follow the shorter course and complete the lap distance to build up for the consecutive day badges. And the badge shows up when you log in the day after you make the achievement. Ride on!