Add time to Activity filenames when downloading from dashboard

(Karl Litterer) #1

I was checking out the file download capability from the activities list on the dashboard and found that the filenames generated are only based on date. (ie: ) The filenames generated by the app contain the date and allow for multiple rides per day without the need to modify the filename (ie: I also have a scenario on my activity list where the downloaded filename does not match the date on the activity list. My activity “Zwift - 01/03/2015 Island” generates the file The data in it is correct other than that.

Ride ON!

(Karl Litterer) #2

There seems to be something eating some of the underscores out of the filenames in my post above “_”

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hopefully we’ll be adding in the ability to actually just name your files soon.