Add spin down test function

(Gareth Nelson) #1

Can you give us a spin down mode, or at least a hot key triggered spin down function for the start of our ride?

(Bill Verdon) #2

What would you do it he that info?

(Gareth Nelson) #3

calibrate the power meter

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #4

I would go a step further and require all virtual power uses run through a spin down test before they start.  This would stop a lot of inadvertent cheating where the tension is not set right.

(Gareth Nelson) #5

Doubt you can spin down on virtual power, and who cares about cheats anyway.


let them cheat all they want, their prize is mediocrity!

(Craig Schaepe S9R) #6

Well just because I have zpower doesn’t mean I am a cheat.  Hell I see a lot of people not on Zpower that I question.   And trainer road has a spin down test that I used each time I did a video.   It is such a easy thing to implement. Run it up to 20mph and see how long it takes to spin down to a certain speed.