Add projected duration to event listings

I appreciate that this is quite a small one, but would be helpful.

When browsing events, often I find an event I like but it’s not for a short while (maybe 30 minutes from when I’m available, say). So, what I do is I expect what a lot of others do which is join another event knowing that I am planning to leave before the race or ride finishes.

Often I do this though and find myself midway through the ride or race thinking: actually, I think that I will have enough time to finish this ride and join the next one. But it’s not always obvious: I’ve also joined races on unfamiliar courses and realised it’s hillier than expected, or at a slower pace.

Generally, I budget 40kph on flat routes, but there’s quite a lot of +/- in that.

What I would love to see is on the listings page publish an ‘average finish time’ for each of the categories (maybe based on the average winning time) to help people when selecting events see which events they can fit into their availabilty.

If you have 1 hour available to you (because of work, say), then selecting events by distance isn’t as helpful as selecting events by projected duration.