Add NYC Central Park - Outer Park Drive Loop (6.03 miles)


I would really like if Zwift could add the New York City Central Park- Outer Park Dirve Loop (for running and riding), 6.03 miles / 9704 meters.



No vote from me. What we most need and I gather it’s coming is more roads and variety for Watopia. What you’re proposing would be an entirely new course. 


When you say “what we most need”, it certainly does not include me in the “we”.  

I used to run at the Central Park for many years, but I no longer live in NYC and I miss it very much, so for me, this is my #1 request from Zwift.



Hi Vicente

The reality is, you’re not going to get it. Zwift have probably had more requests for Alpe d’Huez than Central park and we aren’t going to get that either. If you want to ride this course then check out the Cycleops Virtual ride app. This route is available to ride.

Ride on.


Hi Nigel,

I hope you are wrong and at some point in the future Zwift include the Central Park.

I am not interested in the Cycleops since I use Zwift both for riding and for running.



Central Park is coming :slight_smile:

Why not add Zentral park to Watopia like the Alpe du Zwift. New worlds are  waste of resources . A 20k new world is just that, but add it to Watopia and the extra 20 k becomes a lot more useful to the existing  world.