Add metronome to workouts

It would be nice to have a metronome for workouts that specifies a certain cadence. That makes it much easier to follow along. As it is now, you guess, look at the screen and then overcorrect . Instead, if I could just see the metronome I could follow that.

There are about one million free PC-based metronomes that does this, and I have used them to great effect, so I know that the idea works. However, when the workout changes RPM in different segments, the metronome must be controlled by Zwift, and my standalone program doesn’t work.

The metronome should obviously only be available in workouts where the RPM is given, and even then it should be optional. I can definitely see how some people would hate to have it on screen.

A final note: it is important that the metronome is for double the RPM, so that there is a marker both for the left and the right pedal. Otherwise one may pedal unevenly.

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Hi Micke,

Pretty cool idea, actually. Let me bring it up to the design time!

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excellent idea - ive just bought a metronome for this purpose - great if it was inbuilt tho!! 

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