Add In game Oman 🇴🇲 flag

Dear Fellow Zwifters, I would like to request your support to my cause. I have been requesting for months to add my country flag in the game but got dead end respond. I hope this thread could assist, with your help, to be heard. I thank you in advance.



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No offense, but I am after Fiji flag before the Oman flag, but would be happy if they provided both for us at a similar time.

However I note they happily developed the Saudi flag under urgency because they had a few more supporters than my lone voice requesting the fijian flag at the time, so until we get the support, I suspect we’ll not rate in Zwifts priorities.

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None taken, I know the frustration that comes with it. I supported the Saudi Cause and they got they flag in. I support all the nation that are not having their flag in the in Game. I went through thee whole list from Zwift app, and they are a lot. So I decided to create a thread to obtain support from fellow Zwifters to get mine in and I will support any other Zwifter . So if u have a thread I will go and vote and will appreciate the mutual support. Thanks Dean


Zwift have acknowledged they need to get all flags in. They’re working towards it, and would prefer to do it as a single update. They did get the Saudi flag in recently as you note, but the others will come.

Yeah right, and they have acknowledged they will fix the map not sowing on my phone too! And they will fix the rider list disappearing, and …

Not really in the “Zwift is awesome” camp these days @Daren

Hi Daren, thank for you input. While a remember your comments on the Saudi flag as I posted on that topic, I understand as well that many other flag are missing. Based on the past event we have been put in the impression that we need to make noise for things to be considered, if the plan was to have all the flags at once than we should have been in when the Saudi flag got added. As I said before, Zwift is great platform and I enjoy it but for the same fee I am paying I don’t get the same service. And the question we all ask: why where there any missing flag in the first place, country flags don’t change every year. Also we never get a time frame , could be days, weeks, months, years… since the Saudi case, they’ve been a number of updates. But yet we r no man’s land.

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As Shuji said, they’d prefer to do a big update with all the flags, rather than drip feed them. It’s easier for the developers to do it like that; but it means waiting until they have the graphics. I don’t know why it’s not a trivial thing - there are public domain and cheap flag graphics sets available - but I’d assume there’s a reason.

Virtual tour de France, new maps and worlds, that’s the reason. Everything was put on hold once they got that fish on the line.

Seriously zero excuses for not having every flag in a five year old platform. And if that is zwifts idea of a big update something is deeply wrong.


Another update and yet we have been ignored, no flags updates.


Very poor, they are well aware of it for months, seems like a trivial job. Only conclusion they don’t give a crap. Quite hypocritical considering there outpouring of guilt a few moths ago.


Another update yesterday and yet no flags in the games for some riders country flag, it is just discriminating, just that I can’t find any classification cause it doesn’t fall under the usual, or just they just ignoring us.
You already have the flag in the Zwift companion App, just take the same and put it on the Zwift App!!! How hard can that be?


proving to be rether difficult for them