Add Confirmation Step to "Skip Block" button in Companion App

(Kevin) #1

I’ve seen multiple complaints about the location of the “skip block” button leading to accidentally advancing a workout instead of taking a turn due to a miss-click/tap.

I had the issue today where I accidentally skipped 1 section out of a 14 block over/under session and got no XPs for 2 hrs of intervals. Super bummed.

I think a solution to both issues would be a two-step approach to the “skip block” button. If the button is selected, there should be a pop up window that asks “are you sure?”.

What do y’all think?

(Tim Camden (B)) #2

Wow, Bummer.
I use my laptop (Windows 10, no ZCA or other app) and the key to skip workout steps is the “tab” key and the “right” & “left” arrows are used for turns so I never have that issue.
If your platform has the keys so close then I agree, there should be a confirmation step.
Your original post did not include your platform.

(Kevin) #3

Thanks Tim, the issue was with the companion app. I changed the title of the post to clear up the confusion.

Ride On!

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #4

I would not want a confirmation feature. I sometimes want to skip multiple workout blocks rapidly and the arrows on the Zwift Companion map screen are the fastest way to do that.

But I do agree that hitting the wrong button is too easy and can be really frustrating. For me, it’s more often executing a “U-turn” by mistake, which is especially annoying as one approaches the top of Alpe du Zwift…

Perhaps separating “mission critical” buttons would be a good idea. Put the “Ride On” button between the “U-turn” and “Skip Block” buttons.

(Kevin) #5

That’s a good point, Bhaltair. I can recall a few times where I’ve had to do that. Do you think a 1 second press and hold would be too slow for those times when you need to rapidly advance sections?

I guess ultimately I was most bummed by how many XPs I was denied just by accidentally skipping 1 out of 14 sections. Perhaps Zwift should consider not penalizing users so much and award partial XPs if an interval or two get skipped?