Add a "Syncronize Time" option to the Zwift client

(... david (aka "setuid")) #1

With the number of riders working on races and scheduled events where start, lap and finish times are critical for placement and wins.

We need a solid, reliable way to ensure the computer (running Zwift) is accurate, and sending accurate location/time data back to Zwift itself; something not skewed, interpolated or interpreted by any processes. 

Lag is, and will always be an issue, but the packets sent to the Zwift servers will have the correct time within the payload, regardless of the lag it took to get the packets there (this is how DNS and VoIP work for example). 

Providing this an option in the Zwift client settings to “[X] Synchronize Clock” should eliminate any skew or variability with client time or clocks or timezones being incorrect as data is streamed back to the servers. 

It also helps close a gap in race results, where races are now judged by half-wheels at the finish line.

You could argue that the users should be configuring NTP on their machines, but in some cases that may require third-party software to be installed, and knowledge of how to correctly configure it (as well as the malicious who would incorrectly configure it to sludge a winning time). Having it embedded in the Zwift client as a single button would ensure consistency across client location data/times.