Add a swimming pool to Watopia

Since there are many triathletes in our community and cycling/running are well established I’d like to suggest that a swimming pool be added somewhere in Watopia. Put the pool somewhere so we can run or ride by it and see NPC’s swimming. To be clear, I’m not asking for swim integration with the app.
This would simply be a nice visual addition to the world. Some more NPC’s living life and training would be pretty cool!

Not exactly (ok, not anything close to) what you’re asking, but there IS a swimmer in Watopia. There is a rock formation in the Desert Flats area (between the arch and the western town) that is designed to look like a swimmer in the water.

Cracking idea @Jon_Benner. Perhaps a beach gym down by the downtown start pier too.

C’mon Zwift, it’s time to promote a total active/ healthy lifestyle!