Add 100W to screenshots

A friend recently asked “Does anyone else purposely rev up the watts before hitting F10?”

Well, as we all know, everyone does this.

However, it can be quite a trick to keep the power down while hitting the screenshot key.

So how about Zwift automatically adds 100W to the screenshot whenever someone takes one? It’d be easier for all of us to keep our Instagram and Strava images looking impressive. And we all know that’s what counts, amirite?!

* may not be entirely serious

I laughed.:grin:

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LOL… a combination of high HR and waiting until a rest between intervals to take a screenshot means that I have too many photos of me riding at like 80 watts at 180 bpm. :stuck_out_tongue: Luckily, if I time it right, I can get the “clean” screenshot that hides the numbers…