Add 1.3 w/kg 24/7 group ride

I’m new to Zwift. 1.0 & 1.1 w/kg rides are a little easy, but 1.5 w/kg is too hard. It would be nice to have one in between like 1.3 w/kg. Thanks

Might be worth trying out a gravel bike with the 1.0 w/kg riders to see if that gets you about where you want (since there will be more rolling resistance on the gravel bike). If it’s still not hard enough you can try using a mountain bike.


Interesting idea. I checked my garage, I don’t have an option for a gravel or mountain bike. I only have steel road or redumbant with hand crank. How do I select a gravel or mountain bike?

From the shop, I think you can buy the Zwift Gravel bike for 50,000 drops (the drops reward amount you get for levelling up).

Edit: A good website for anything Zwift.

Sort the bike frame list by price or level.

You have been advised to ride a bike which will slow you down so that you can ride 1.1w/kg with a little more effort.

Once you have a few more levels and a few more drops you could buy a better frame which might, by then, help you go faster and allow you to ride with 1.5w/kg.

I thought everybody got a Zwift MTB as one of the base bikes.

Used to be the case but all change with the level 100 and drop shop changes.

I do think the MTB comes for free, but I also think it might possibly be too slow (when I tried a MTB it was hard enough to jump to the next pacer difficulty if I recall correctly). If the person doesn’t have the drops for a gravel bike they can try it out with a MTB.

Edit: Oh maybe that changed (reading Ian’s post). I have the Zwift MTB but don’t think I ever purchased it.

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Thanks for all the comments.

I picked up gravel and mt bikes to try on 1.1 w/kg and a carbon for 1.5w/kg :slight_smile: It took a while to find options with all the manuafacturers since I am only level 6 and most of the options are way above my current level. It would be nice if the interface sorted by level so I could easily find what is avalible to me now without hunting.

I’ll see what the next ride brings.

I wish I could give some frames that I don’t use!!