Activity save screen - Cycling through privacy options offsets save button


W10, running 1.1.15 launcher and 1.33 client

Noticed after my TdZ S6 ride this afternoon that after flicking through the options to change my ride’s visibility (everyone / followers / private) that when setting to private it would hide my club list; however when selecting an option that would allow me to select a club to save my ride to, the drop down would appear again, but push everything else into a lower position than before (save button and screenshot list) - cycling through these privacy options would allow me to shunt the save button off screen - though escaping out and going back to the save activity screen would set everything back to its original position.

I’ve hopped back on, done another workout and it’s the same again - got some screenshots (from a video that I took pointing my phone at my pc monitor, so apologies for the hilarity in quality!):