Activity privacy failures

Does anybody here have experience with failing privacy settings for activities?

I recently opted in to ZwiftPower again. My only motivation was to have a place where I can easily access my Zwift FIT files after the feed was made unusable for me.

When I wanted to download the new activities from the profile activities tab a few days later, there was only one new activity there, a warmup before an event. Turns out I had put the activity privacy authorization level to followers at some point. I didn’t even remember that.

So it looks like auto-saving activities when joining an event does not respect the privacy authorization somehow. The individual activity is marked as only visible to followers in the GUI, like all the others. Still, it ended up on ZP.

Since there’s not even any Zwift API documentation available that I know of, it is also unlikely that most people would ever notice failures. I’m gonna play with it some more the upcoming days, but that’s a cumbersome procedure.

Any existing nerd insights welcome. :crazy_face: