Activity in a workout frozen, still successfully completed, but distance was not taken over properly

I have a problem and hope you can help me.
Yesterday the Activity in the 3h workout frozen after 1h, still successfully completed, but distance was not taken over properly.
The Screen shows that all Systems are connected, but i can‘t go back to the route. The Avatar stands only of the road and Other drivers drove past me.
See also my two pictures In the attachment.
I use a Tacx Neo BIKE and an iPad 10.5 inches
I drove over 140 km yesterday, but unfortunately the distance was not counted for the rapha Festive 500 Challenge. I hope you can help me with that… thank you in advance

Hi @Heiko_Wohlrab, welcome to the forums.

You probably shouldn’t connect your phone to the bike at the same time, this might be stealing the signal from zwift.

Hi @Mike_Rowe1
Thank you very much for your reply. However, I had already deliberately made sure that the phone is not paired with the BIKE. The phone was only connected to earphones to listen to music. Therefore, there was no “connection problem”. All sensors were connected and fed into Zwift
Thank you anyway and of course „Ride On“:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::v:t2:

@Heiko_Wohlrab you are getting a lot of dropouts with your heart rate monitor on half your rides going back to when you started so I am guessing its related to your kickr bike dropouts. You should probably drop your log file into to confirm how many errors you are getting. It also has a bunch of tips that can remediate interference (or post the results here if you are unsure and we can probably help). You mention music - is that bluetooth to headphones/buds/speakers?

Thank you very much @Dean for your reply. Yes, I have my wireless earphones, which also paired my heart rate with the mobile phone with sampling via Bluetooth. I also noticed the dropouts. I rideing parallel with a Garmin chest strap, which is only connected to Bike and Garmin Fenix 6. Also these two devices I have absolutely reliable HR data without dropouts. If I drive in Tacx app, the chest strap connects easily to the app. Only at Zwift is this sensor not to be found and I have to use my Jabra Elite Sport earbuds for the HR. Even if I’m not familiar with it yet, I’ll try the zwiftaliser. Thank you in any case for the help. Best regards

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Oh is that the bikes display screen in the picture? I thought it was your phone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:+1:t2::joy: yes thats the bike display. Greetings from Germany