Activity feed not showing [March 20 2023] [SOLVED]

This morning I did TOW stage 3C. The distance is calculated in my weekly distance and ist als uploaded to my Strava account but I cannot find the activity itself on Zwift, what happened?

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Join the club, zwift did maintenance lat night/early this morning and broke stuff

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Yep, seems to be an issue.

No official comment on this as of yet.

I would imagine the activities are saved but delayed in being processed. They are going to 3rd party apps.

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Yeah I got a post ride, ride on for this mornings ride, and when i clicked on the notification for that I could see the ride, but it still does not show in my activity feed

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Okay thanx, on my homepage I can see I did the third stage, so it will pop-up sometime :smile:

Same here, an see activities for riders I follow, but not my own.


Same here, the ride didn’t save yet and I’m “zwifting now” for over 9 hours.

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Hey all - for clarification - are you not seeing activities in the web Activity feed (on the Companion Activity feed, or both?

I just finished ToW stage 3 and it is showing in both activity feeds, website and companion app. Also uploaded to strava just fine.

FIT FILES - suddenly not saving to laptop (windows 10 Lenovo Thinkpad)

Last week I rode a ToW stage 2. All the other riders had a trainer screen in front of their bikes - I thought minor bug. At the save screen there were no ‘photos’ but I thought nothing of it.

Went to find the activity on Strava and Zwift Companion, but nothing. Figured I’d load the fit file at some point, but clearly it was just a one off.

today I was asked to login into Zwift, which I don’t normally do, maybe the scheduled maintenance. Rode ToW Stage 3 today. First, all the Power Output records are gone and again, no ‘photos’ on the save screen and nothing on Zwift or Strava. So, I go to look for the fitfiles to load up, but they aren’t there.

Having hit up support but after hearing from an ‘experienced user’ and ‘ambassador’ both of whom have been very quick to respond and offer advice, but no joy.

I will download the software again, but not holding out much hope this will fix it.

This did all coincide with March 15th Update ???

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I am still seeing this on the website however, under my profile:


Yup, tracking the missing Fitness metrics on this other thread.

These issues appear to be remnants of last night’s server upgrades. The team is working on sorting them out.

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I only use the companion app

Hi @shooj

I’m missing my activity from today on both website & companion app.

My ride from this morning was pushed out to strava but is not showing up on both the activity feed and companion app. My run at lunch time worked just fine.

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Both, companion and web my one from this evening it’s showing, but not this morning’s

My ride from this morning was exported to Strava but isn’t showing up in my activity feed in the companion app nor on the website. However, I have a notification in the companion app for receiving ride ons for the missing ride and can see the completed ride when I tap on it.


I did get the “badge” for completing the 3rd Stage but the ride isn’t showing in my activities. Neither app or the website. While my son is looking at my profile he sees that I’m still zwifting - “zwifting now” for over 12 hours now.

Same here. I’m no longer zwifting but now the ride is completely gone.

same here @Ashley_Cabico , I wonder if @shooj can look into this, and get it fixed