Active friends and followers not showing in start menu

When trying to join friends on Zwift their names don’t appear in the start menu.

My brother (on another trainer/computer in the same room next to me) has all the names showing under a menu called “join another rider”.

Never seen or been able to access this option on may system even though we all follow each other on both Zwift and Strava.

Tried uninstalling/re-installing, deleting prefs etc but it’s a no show. I can see friends on the mobile app but clicking on them does nothing other than show me their basic profile.

Am I missing something?

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I have the same issue on the Zwift app running on a MacBook pro. Mobil app sees them until I start the zwift app on the macbook then they disappear.



I seem to remember that happening once or twice although it’s not consistent. I’d have to check in which order I load the apps to see which way works best. Although the problem ‘join another rider’ menu on the main Mac app is missing whatever I do. 

I have a support ticket going through at the moment, if there is any useful info to report I’ll drop it in this thread for you.