Achievements Received in Error


I was having connection issues earlier. While I was trying to re-pair my Tacx trainer, I got a whole series of achievements for 600w all the way up to 1200w. While I’d love to think I’d progressed this much in just a month (!) it’s a bit of a shame that I’ll never just get them naturally.

I’ve seen some older answers which basically said this wasn’t solvable, but I thought I’d ask in case anything has changed since then, perhaps it’s something an Admin can alter?


Still no way to fix that issue as far as I know.

We understand the need to only have the achievements you’ve actually achieved, please contact us at!

As a note, we are experiencing a very high email volume right now, so it may take a while for us to get back to you, but we are responding to all requests in the order they are received!