Achievement list?

(Allan Watkins) #1

Is there a list somewhere of the achievements possible? Like I got the shut up legs for 500+ watts for 10 seconds and thought that was pretty cool, then down hill during an interval when I first started this I think I hit 40mph and got that achievement, so naturally the next time I went down I tried even harder and boom 50mph!

There is a mystery aspect of keeping them secret, as when released everyone will just go out and try to do it all right away (or not). But in other online games and even consoles like the PlayStation make many of the “trophies” public.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

I was hoping for an achievement “attaboy” when I hit 500 miles, but alas, there was none! :frowning:

(Sullivan Vanway) #3

I got the “marathoner” achievement today for riding 40k non-stop

(Patrick Kline) #4

In the sprint sections if you hit a certain number of watts, you unlock achievements as well. I hit 800w and it said I was a sprinter apprentice. Haven’t quite gotten any higher than that.

(Allan Watkins) #5

There are some for 1k 1.1k and 1.2k watts, but I’m not sure if any higher. I’m no 1.5k watt cavendish.

(P.O. Proulx -#TeamMoVelo) #6

i got the 1.2k watts hair dryer or something. Is there a way to see the achivements when you unlock them?

(Joe G) #7

How much flexing is going on when someone is at 800, 1100 or 1,200 watts? Do the bikes break?

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #8

Dont get me wrong, ZWIFT is AMAZING, but a little bit of simple information about the software would go a long way. I’m still trying to work out a few of the interface features

(Carlo Gabriel Pimentel) #9

Yup I was able to hit the 1.2k earlier today. I think the bikes and the kickr handles the stress well, no creaks or anything

(Carlo Gabriel Pimentel) #10

Yup I was able to hit the 1.2k earlier today. I think the bikes and the kickr handles the stress well, no creaks or anything

(Phil McCracken) #11

I got 1.5k with the kickr, no creaks…just flexing the aluminum stem really bad.

(Matt McLennan) #12

Has this been answered? I would like to see a list of achievements too!!

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #13

Matt - There is a list of the current achievements in the fan manual @


(Matt McLennan) #14

That is great, but I mean an actual list of achievements per user that shows the list with maybe like a tick box or something to show that you have earned that particular achievement, and likewise, a blank icon if you havent achieved it.

(B S) #15

Matt, That’s my question also; is there a place where I can see my current achievements? I see them briefly when I achieve them, but do not remember which achievements I have currently earned. Anyone?


(Lee Cook) #16

From the “pause” screen click Achievements on the right hand side.

(Matt McLennan) #17

Great thanks, I will check it out later. Is that a recently added feature?

(Lee Cook) #18

Certainly been available since I began my Zwift career at the start of the month.

(Bryan McCullar) #19

It would be nice if you could view achievements from the Zwift profile page.  There are a few things missing, like this, that would be simple to add to the profile page.  I don’t always pause on my rides.  Be nice to have another way to check these things.

(Josh Lewis) #20

It seems no one has answered this question?  You can see the achievements you’ve earned easily.  Mouse over the bottom left of the screen, click menu.  On the right there will be a button for achievements.  click that and you’ll get a screen showing all the ones you have achieved.